Privacy Policy – Airlines Reservations Number

It is very important for us to maintain the privacy standard with clients as well as with ourselves.

We always keep your personal information intact and confidential with us.

It is our prime duty and we take all reasonable steps to protect the rights and privacy on the computers and the websites that we hold under our control.

We have made certain categories of the information and we collect information on the basis of the categories only:

The information that you provide while registering or subscribing for our services:

• Personal Identity such as Name, Age, Gender, Race, Religion, Marital Status and so on.

  • Financial Information like a credit card, debit card, bank details and other information like income, etc.
  • Address of communication such as a physical address, postal address, mobile number, telephone number, and fax number.
  • Account information & payment: We hold all account history. Even yours also. We use this account history and details when we bill you or while making payment.

1. Log information: We also collect information like IP Address, Browser Language and Type, Web Request, Date & Time Request.
2. Transactional Information: Transaction history, if it includes other banking details while making any payment on our platform.
3. Correspondence Information: Information, content and other details such as place of communication between you and/or the person using our services on behalf of you, chat, communication through a discussion board, blog, and fax-mail communication.
4. User IDs: User Id, Email Address, Password and other relevant information used by you to avail our services

Right to collect and Store the information

If you accept our terms and conditions, it means you agree to collect and store the personal information that we collect when you subscribe to our website.

These are the following reasons due to which we collect your profile and account information.

First of all, we need to confirm your identity with the help of the following details such as contact details, bank details (To confirm financial checks) along with the account history for managing and maintaining your healthy and proper relationship with us.

We collect and store your Service Usage and Transactional Information to:

  • Determine the tax and the service charges you are liable to pay.
  • Comply with the regulatory or statutory requirement.
  • Compile demographical and statistical profiles about marketing and business activities.
  • Use the information that you have provided for our internal purposes.
  • Ensure compliance for the purpose of better and efficient service.

We can disclose personal identification or correspondence information only in one case when the government requires information for inquiry.

We also send Cooking through our website. Cookies are the packet of information that we send to the system of our user to maintain an interactive environment and easy connectivity with the client.

However, you can change settings to get a notification when cookies are sent to you. If you don’t accept cookies, you may face some issues with the functioning of the website on your browser and could not get connected with us.

General hold over the privacy policy

We may disclose, intercept, monitor and/or store the personal information to:

  • Conduct the business
  • To enforce the rights that we own, we can take actions prescribed by the legislation.
  • By law
  • To secure our systems

Certain disclosure, monitoring, interception, and storage may take place without putting into your knowledge. In such a case, you can’t hold us liable for any damage caused to you or third-party.

Just to make sure that the users comply with the rules we have made, we may keep a check on the personal information you have provided to determine your identification and compliance.

To know more about our privacy policy or refund policy, call us on our Toll-Free Number 1800-273-3602 and our team will get back to you with all the necessary information. You can also get back to us through our Official Email Address