Southwest Airlines Flight Tickets Cancellation Number

Southwest Flight Ticket Cancellation Number

Are you looking for canceling your Southwest Airlines Ticket? Then not to worry at all; there are no issues in cancellation of your flight’s reservation. The cancellation of Southwest Airlines Reservations is as easy as booking the ticket with it. For this, you need to contact the Southwest Airlines Flight Ticket Cancellation Number. Here we are going to tell you how you can easily do that, what the policies of refunding are, and how you can contact us directly without any worries. All the information here is up to date and is directly from the Southwest airlines.

Fare Categories of Southwest Flight Ticket Cancellation

In Southwest Airlines, 2 fare categories are refundable and non-refundable fares. The non-refundable fares can be upgraded in some situations to the refundable fares like fares of seniors that are on the standby but in this case, some fares are applied to it.

For Refundable Fares

If you have reserved your flight in business class then all the fares in it are changeable and refundable or we do it credit to your account as the points that you can avail it in your next travel. The permit of free of charge is when you travel between the same cities on the same day called standby travel. In this, the fares of the senior citizens are refundable or it can be upgraded any time you want. It is qualified for standby travel for senior citizens. You need to do Southwest Reservation Cancellation before 10 minutes to the scheduled departure of the flight. If you didn’t cancel it then you are not eligible to apply for any kind of refund or cancellation.

For Non-Refundable Fares

In this, if you have not applied for the fare to the future travels in the limited period of 1 year from the date of purchase. So the fares are forfeited with all the taxes. Standby flight travel needs an upgrade with the fare anytime.

Policy of Refund

Southwest Airlines provides you the complete refund in 24 hrs of southwest reservation cancellation of tickets. After 24hrs the period of refund is gone and you are not able to claim the refund and the price of your non-refundable ticket is now used within the first year from the date of purchase. In Southwest Airlines, a free of cost ticket is offered in change policy or gives you the full refund of the whole amount you spent on the ticket.

Fees for changing the Ticket in Southwest

All the airlines charge the fees of canceling the current ticket and book the other one. The charges may vary according to the tickets you canceled. But in southwest airlines there is nothing like that and southwest offers the free of cost change of tickets as on the same day as well. No one allows you to travel in a different location with the same fare of your previous tickets.

Southwest Airline Ticket Cancellation Fees

You can easily cancel your reservation and book the other flight instead of making changes at last minute. The flights that are booked with points and fully refundable have caused no issue in changes your reservation. If the flights are non-refundable that is less expensive then you get the full value pack equal to your ticket price. The refund that is given by the company is paid to the passenger who is the original owner of it. If you are using the companion pass to travel in the flight and the originally ticketed passenger canceled it then the pass will be forfeited.

Get in Touch for Cancellations and Refunds

The southwest team is always here to help you out whether you need to book a flight ticket or cancel it. You can contact the team easily via Southwest Airlines Flight Ticket Cancellation Number +1-800-273-3602. The team is glad to help you out by providing you the best assistance so that you are no more able to face any glitches.